One smile can change your world

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Apres visite de la MCS, le 16 avril 2016, Larissa, journaliste brésilienne écrivait ce bel article.

One smile can change your world.

When you are in a country where the people smile all the time, you know you going to have the time of your life.

Looking for adventure and the opportunity to experience another culture my friend and I pack our bags and left finding much more that we were expecting.

Cambodians show their visitors that the country is more than meets the eye.

Luckily I not only could see it. I also had the opportunity to experience those smiles everywhere.

As the tourism increases in the country the opportunity starts to shine for the coming generations. That is what “Les Enfants du Sourire Khmer” brings to those participating kids.

Fairly, the translation of the association’s name is “Children of the Khmer Smile”.

The administration office can be found in Paris / France, but the members live in transit between Cambodia and France.

We had the pleasure to visit the “Maison de la Culture et des Sports” (House of Culture and Sports) located in Siem Reap. And in one of the “must see” cities in the country we found a hidden treasure on those children smiles.

The touching hospitality from the beneficiaries and those who work there, I can only assure you my smile was genuine after the visit and peace I felt in my heart.

The site can be described as a recreation center, where the little ones, and a few teenagers can scape from their reality, no matter how it look like.

They have the opportunity to learn sports, play games, and meet friends after and before school. They never close their gates.

Since the tourism is the second greatest source of economy in Cambodia, the recreation center also has available to the participating children English classes for only one American dollar a month per child.

But what can be little for some can be a lot for others. That is why the organization leans in donations to maintain their activities.

Since volunteers run the organization all the money is converted for the children’s use.

I would strongly advise you to experience their happiness. It is guaranteed that you will learn much more from them that you can possibly imagine.

Those kids kindness are sincere. Their heart is always open to any good deed you can provide.

I can only thank the organization to walk that extra mile to help those in need and mostly thank the children. Your curious eyes and open heart made my world a better place.

Larissa, a gauche, avec Anais

Larissa, a gauche, avec Anais

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